Sunday, April 10, 2011

One Flight...

...many pictures.  A single flight to the interior villages of Papua holds hundreds of unique images.  Here are a few we captured on camera from a flight last week.

Jerrett Roy
Catching our own silhouette framed in a rainbow.

Jerrett Roy
It 'aint LAX, but it'll of the many rugged airstrips of Papua.

Our third stop of the day--we pick up this woman, too weak to stand, and flew her out of her village to get medical attention.

Pretty much everyone turns out when the airplane shows up...

...including this little guy and his best friend.

Mary, one of the missionaries we flew into this airstrip, is welcomed home.

Glad they're on our side.

I had dropped this drum of fuel off the prior day.  The head guys of the village assured me it would be safe.  Showed up to find this posse guarding it for me.

God makes the cutest kids right here in Papua.