Monday, August 27, 2012

Kathmandu - Sentani Post 3: In Kathmandu

Our flight from Bankok got into Kathmandu at mid-day.  The valley has changed a lot since I was here last in June--the rice paddies that push up to the old cities edge are a lush green from the monsoon rains.  Within an hour of stepping off the airliner, we were on the far side of the airport with Yajasi's new airplane.

We got right to work on a long list of things to prepare for the ferry flight. Oxygen masks, life vests, satellite tracking equipment, setting up our flight plans in the aircraft's GPS equipment.  We did a thorough pre-flight inspection, started the engine and tested all systems.  Praise God, she's good to go.  (Thank you Jason and Brian for getting her ship-shape for us!)

Brad always seems to end up working harder than me.
We worked right until sunset and were able to get through the list we needed so there's only a couple small items to get done today.

All done and put to bed for the night.
Thank you for your continued prayers.  It looks like all the paperwork ducks are getting themselves in a row (thanks Felton, Mary & Brian!) and our scheduled departure tomorrow morning looks good.  We've had a good night sleep and are really looking forward to pointing UCL's nose towards home.

I may not get anything else posted before we leave, so again, here's the link to our Spidertracks tracking page.


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Praying for you guys!
Neil and Becky

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