Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kathmandu - Sentani Post 4: Permits And Patan

Today was a day of reconnecting with the good people at Tara Airlines and tying up some loose ends with the airplane.  And a day of waiting for all of our permits to come through--as of this evening all the permits have been issued except one and that one is schedule to be delivered tomorrow morning.

While waiting for the flight permits to come through we had some time on our hands and I was able to show a bit of Kathmandu to Brad.  We wandered the ancient labrythine streets of Thamel and Patan (twice the phone rang and we jumped back in our vehicle and asked our long-suffering Tara Airlines driver to zip us off to the Civil Aviation Office, only to get two minutes down the road and have the phone ring again with news that, well, they didn't need us to come after all.)

Lord willing, the next update will be from Chittagong tomorrow night.  In the mean time enjoy some of shots Brad took of the wonderful people who call Kathmandu home.

They tell us that buildings like this one are 500-700 years old
Renewing my acquaintance with the sweets of my childhood


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Pleasantly surprised to see this meshwork of amazing words.
permits and visas

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