Thursday, October 25, 2012

At the Foot of the Snows

As I've mentioned before, after leaving Nepal as an eleven year old boy over 30 years ago, the opportunity to go back three times this year was something I could never have scripted.  Simply a gift.

On the heels of that experience, it has been an absolute delight to read David Watter's account of his family's life and work among the Kham people in the mountains of western Nepal.

I've read a pile of missionary books...none quite like this one.  And none any better than this one.  Simply in terms of story, this is a great read.  Highly recommend it.

Click on the book cover here if you're interested in the hard copy--for the Kindle version click here.


Translate Wide said...

I just saw this, Nate. Thanks! I think we barely missed each other in Nepal. Glad to hear you enjoyed Dad's book. Blessings, Daniel

Nate Gordon said...

Great to hear from you Daniel. Sorry we missed each other in Nepal...that would have been something to see you and/or Steve again. Truly did enjoy your Dad's book...probably the most enjoyable read for me this year.



Barry and Debbie said...

Nate, My Dad and I co-bought this book for an early Christmas present to ourselves. My Dad was pretty useless for quite awhile as he wouldn't put the book down! He thoroughly enjoyed it. I am saving it for an airplane read on our long haul out to your neck of the woods next month. See you soon! Barry McFarlane

Nate Gordon said...

Sweet. Hope you enjoy it as much as your Dad...something to keep you occupied across the Pacific anyway...just finish it before you arrive so you don't have to fight Brad for it :) We pray for Debbie pretty regularly. Look forward to seeing you in Papua.



hondacubber said...

Thanks for the book recommendation! Missionary biographies are my favorite and this one is tops. I just read "There's a Sheep in my Bathtub" which is great too.

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