Tuesday, January 15, 2013

God Knows Her Name

Long day of flying today with my colleague Jeffron.  We worked with Helimission to get the Wilds back into the Wano people.  (A while back Justin Taylor on his blog over at The Gospel Coalition  posted some really cool videos on the Wilds ministry among the Wano tribe--worth checking out.)

We also were able to fly the Crocketts back to Daboto for them to continue their work among the Moi (the last time I wrote something about the Moi was here.)

On the radio, we had heard there was a patient and some passengers in a place called Iratoi.  So, after dropping off the Crocketts in Daboto we headed over there.

All we knew: a patient.  Hear the pleas on the radio to pick up patients almost every day we fly.  Here was today's patient:

This beautiful little girl rolled into the fire while sleeping.  Happens all too often.  Her burns weren't as extensive as others I've seen and someone with some basic medical training in the village sprinkled penicillin on her wounds...so I'm hoping she's got a pretty good chance of healing.

Pray for the little girl in Iratoi...I've forgotten her name.  God hasn't.


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