Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Free Man

I am not a free man, but I wish to be.  Free of myself.  Truly free.

     Free to live as a stranger in this world.

     Free to be poor.

     Free to be content.

     Free to be self-forgetful.

     Free to acknowledge my failures.

     Free to return a blessing for a curse.

     Free to be angry at injustice others experience.

     Free to love those who do not love.

     Free to believe that prayer works.

     Free to love my fellow man, not fear him.

     Free to learn from those who oppose.

     Free to be unknown.

     Free to be unoffendable.

     Free to walk in the opposite direction.  Meekly.

     Free to rejoice at the blessings others receive.

     Free to have courage that fears God.

     Free to weep with the pain others experience.

     Free to work in obscurity.

     Free to believe that God really can do the impossible.

Free to tell others about this Jesus...the One setting me free.


grsmouse said...

That's a freedom march I'd be happy to join. Thank you for the good words. Praying!

about the long and winding road... said...

Me as well...amen.

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