Sunday, September 2, 2012

Kathmandu - Sentani Post 7: Crossing the Equator

The early Saturday morning buffet at the hotel spared Brad any more breakfast travails and soon we were zipping through light Singapore traffic to the airport.  Departure went smoothly and we got off very close to our target schedule.

With the morning sun on our left wing, it felt good to be heading south for Jakarta and Indonesian soil.

After a while I saw a funny little line come into view on the iPad display and wondered what kind of airspace it denoted.  Putting my literacy skills to good use, I read the word next to the line: Equator.  We realized that neither Brad nor I had ever crossed the line at the controls of an airplane. Fun to watch it slide by on the map.

A little more than four hours after we left Singapore we landed at Jakarta's Halim airport in a stiff crosswind. Two of Yajasi's Jakarta team, Pak Yoso and Pak Sendy, met us at the airport and walked us through all the formalities and paperwork.  So thankful for their great help (all told it took us six hours to clear everything.)  Praise God, we're through customs (final customs clearance will happen in Sentani) and should be good to go on Monday morning.

Really grateful for the day off to rest today here in Jakarta.

By the Lord's grace, we've got three days of flying to make it home to Sentani.  Tomorrow will be a fairly long day: Jakarta to Mataram on Lombok Island for fuel and then on to Maumere (Wai Oti) on the island of Flores for the night.

Again, you can follow the satellite track of the flight on our Spidertracks Page.  Click on the Public Tracks to see the entire path of the flight...remember that the satellites sometimes take a coffee break and gaps in the track occasionally happen :)

Yesterday's pictures:

On climb out from Singapore's Selatar Airport
Over Singapore's Changi Airport

Setting feet back on Indonesian soil.  Good to be home!

Pak Yoso, Brad, Pak Sendy

For the never-a-dull-moment file: remember the stiff crosswind we landed in?
Just to keep things interesting, while Sendy and I were sorting out landing and parking fees,
Brad and Yoso got to witness a minor landing accident involving a light aircraft doing training.

Things were a bit more self-service at Halim.
We had to borrow wheel chocks from a kind-hearted commercial operator.