Monday, September 3, 2012

Kathmandu - Sentani Post 8: The Ring of Fire

We're in Maumere, on the island of Flores.  Tired after a very long day--seven and half hours of posterior-numbing flying.  The fuel stop in Lombok was very smooth--on and off in one hour.

A real treat to fly along a long section of the ring of fire--the ring of volcanoes that form a long stretch of the southern part of the Indonesian archipelago.

After a dinner of fried rice and fried noodles on the beach, we're heading to bed early.  I'll leave you with more of Brad's great pix (beyond holding the communal camera, he actually does his fair share of the flying :)

Volcanoes just kept emerging out of the undercast...
...another one...
...they're everywhere!
Mount Agung 's cratered summit (Bali)
Over Lombok
Komodo Island looks pre-historic even on the GPS
Maumere on last.
Put to bed for the night.
Day's end on Flores.


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