Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Porters In Four Days

It's been almost a year of  watching God work to make this airplane a reality...a long journey.  To see the fruit of that journey today was a wonderful lift to all of our spirits.

Dani and Dominic's journey from Switzerland was also a long one--they left their homeland almost three weeks ago.  After 80 hours of flight time and 10,000 miles, at 4:00 this afternoon they delivered soon-to-be PK-UCJ to Yajasi's doorstep.                                          photos Tim Harold

The whole team was there to meet her and we once again gave thanks for God's provision.

As I reveled in this amazing moment, I heard that little voice in my head--or maybe it was my heart--reminding me again...

Love Me.

Love people. 

Use tools.

Don't ever get that mixed up.


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